Lavender Honey


Sometimes our bees do an extra specially good job of combining the floral nectar they have available to them;  and produce a honey that simply knocks our socks off! That’s when our honey is good enough to be called Special Reserve. (Apiculture NZ Winner!) The aroma of this honey is exquisite!

Use topically also as a face mask, adds moisture to dull skin and is great for acne due to it’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Liquid honey is a great natural sweetener; that is packed with vital nutrients to support your immune system and gut health.

Use it for anything; Sweetening drinks both hot and cold, add to nearly boiling water, to maintain the good bacteria. Replace for sugar when baking. Use in meat dishes especially Thai to replace brown sugar (much healthier).  Drizzle over pancakes or waffles; add to smoothies, or drizzle over greek yoghurt to naturally sweeten. Yummy drizzled over lentils, and to sweeten stir fryed veges.

Raw honey tends to crystallize sooner than commercially-processed honey. If this occurs, gently heat the container in a warm water bath until re-liquefied. Do Not Microwave.

Bee My Honey is committed to reducing single use plastic; by offering sustainable glass jars, that and refillable at our honey farm in Lincoln, Christchurch.  We refund the price of the jar on your next refill.

This product is available in both glass and PET jars. Please specify which you prefer at checkout under special instructions.

Saving the Planet and the Bees, Bulk discounts available on request.


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