“I have been buying raw honey from Rod and Jo at Bee My Honey for several years now and love it. It is the most beautiful delicious honey. Being local and raw, I believe it has a far better nutritional profile than the mass produced honey you buy from supermarket. When I recently picked some up, I enjoyed walking through the bees that were buzzing around – it made the whole experience feel really authentic!!”
Louisa Bangma, West Melton

This is by far the “Best Ever Honey I have tasted!” I’ve never craved honey like this before, Absolutely Delicious.  Samantha Hancock.


I wanted to thank Bee My Honey for the excellent product that helped my horse. My horse had a terrible accident and went through the float floor whilst driving, he sustained bad lacerations, swelling, bruising and muscle injury. A call to Bee my Honey and a large jar of Manuka honey was delivered. Wow, it was totally amazing. We lathered him in honey and wrapped his leg (no other ointments used) – we did this for a week. I can’t believe how his leg looks now, the swelling has gone, he was walking around the very next day, the lacerations have reduced to very small cuts. He did have a dose of antibiotics on the day but no infection was seen during the week and I can honestly say in my opinion this is due to the fantastic Manuka honey. There is some great research regarding Manuka honey this is why i tried it, it was brilliant. Thank you to Bee My Honey for your quick response to my plea for help. Theresa Brown, Leeston, Canterbury.
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