Lavender Honey


Sometimes our bees do an extra specially good job of combining the floral nectar they have available to them, and produce a honey that simply knocks our socks off. That’s when our honey is good enough to be called Special Reserve. With the flavor varying from yummy to delicious to sensational. The aroma is exquisite,  with a delicate floral background.  If crystals occur in this raw honey naturally; gently heat the container in a warm water bath to re-liquefy. Drizzle this liquid honey over almost anything.

USE: Great for Smoothies, or drizzled over chopped fruit with natural yogurt. Lovely with a cheese board.

Thousands of “Lavandula angustifolia” plants turn a magnificent purple. A spectacular show of flowers and bees set against a backdrop of the majestic Southern Alps, A beautiful sight to see and smell.

Bee My Honey is beautifully packaged in our sustainable glass jars, and is recyclable.


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