Seriously Good Honey

Our Honey is made of 100% Natural Honey. Nothing artificial is added. As true to the floral souce the honeybee has forraged, we bring to you unique single variatal honey. Enjoy real flavours of premium New Zealand honey. Taste the difference of Happy Bees, Our Bees are not fed antibiotics, they live in Native NZ forests, and fields of Lush Pasture Clover, they thrive in a Temperate climate, all this makes a bouquet of contented bees, and a premium quality honey.

Native Flora, Lush Pasture, Temperate Climate and Contented Bees
… all make for a premium honey.

The keepers of Bees
Beekeeping is a passion and is something we care alot about. Keeping in mind our ethos to leave a small footprint on earth we offer recycled containers as and where possible on some products.

We also offer upcycled class containers (see our online shopping).

Single Vintage Honey
Each jar of honey we harvest, is an authentic single vintage. Our honey is tested in a laboratory for pollen, colour, and floral souce, and this determines its authenticity.

Our Lavender Honey is sourced from Lavandula Angustifolia growen specifically to produce essential oil. Bee My Honey NZ pollinate the plants to produce better yields. In return for the bees magic, the single variatal honey is produced. We then keep each vintage seperate to maintain its individual qualities and characteristics. Other varieties we produce include Beechwood Honeydew, Manuka Honey, Kanuka Honey, Clover Honey, and Blackcurrent Honey.

Raw, Artisan Honey, Made by Nature, crafted by Bee My Honey NZ, the keepers of bees.

Manufacturing Process
Our honey is Hand Crafted. We process it at the same temperature the bees would store it at in their hive. We do this to retain all the beneficial goodies that are naturally accuring in the honey. By keeping the processing to a minimum all of the enzymes in the honey are kept alive. As is the philosophy of Bee My Honey NZ, our honey is all 100% natural. Just the way nature created it. Nothing is added during the manufacturing process, we simply package it in its purest form.

Bee Swarms
If you have a swarm of bees and are located in the Selwyn District we can usually take them away for you, providing easy access.

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