Lavender Honey


Sometimes our bees do an extra specially good job of combining the floral nectar they have available to them;  and produce a honey that simply knocks our socks off!

That’s when our honey is good enough to be called Special Reserve.

With the flavor varying from yummy to delicious to sensational. The aroma is exquisite,  our favorite honey.

The crystals you’ll find in this raw honey occur naturally; gently heat the container in a warm water bath to re-liquefy. Drizzle this liquid honey over almost anything.

Honey from our hives is never heated, filtered, or pasteurized, so you can be sure you’re getting all the flavor and nutritional benefits that make honey one of the most sought-after foods on the planet, and one of the best for you.

2017 Supreme Winner APINZ – Premium liquid honey


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