DIY ideas for beeswax

e-foodwrap green eco recyclable food wrap that's not plasticDIY Beeswax FoodwrapBeeswax Food Wrap 2

Fabric Food Wrap

(Plastic Wrap Alternative)

Materials: Choose 100% cotton fabric (organic is preferable). Beeswax, (grated) I use about 14g of beeswax per wrap.
Cut fabric to appropriate size, allowing enough to fold ends over.
Old oven tray (that will be used for this purpose only, forever after)
Paintbrush, Chop stick for stirring the wax as it melts
Cheese grater, Clothesline and pegs, Oven.

Directions: Preheat oven to 85 C. (Higher will burn the wax). Place pre cut fabric on oven tray.

Sprinkle evenly and lightly with grated beeswax. You don’t need a lot! Place in preheated oven. Watch carefully! This should take 5 minutes. As soon as the beeswax is just melted, remove from oven. Spread wax evenly with paintbrush to cover over any spots that are not yet coated. Return to oven if needed.

Hang on clothesline to dry.

beeswax hexagon blockBeeswax Luminaries

(Mood Lighting)

Materials: 400g Beeswax;
Dipping Container (use an old one for this purpose only)
Double Boiler or large Saucepan
Balloons (high quality ones)
cold water
Yield approx 3-5 luminaries

Directions: Melt the beeswax in the dipping container or old saucepan.Fill the balloon with cold water, paying attention to the shapethat the water creates, tie the end of the balloon.Hold the balloon by the knot and dip into melted beeswax.Put the balloon on a flat surfice, to create a flat bottom on the Luminarie.Continue dipping and cooling 5 to 6 times until you reach your desired thickness.Cut the balloon, and drain water.Add a beeswax tea light and enjoy the ambience.
Note: It is better to make the Luminarie slightly larger than needed rather than riskingit melt because it was too small.

beeswax hexagon blockCutting Board Conditioner

(Use on wooden utensils, rolling pins, honey dippers etc.)

Materials: 70g Beeswax. 270g Food Grade Mineral Oil. Double Boiler or (large Saucepan and container to melt wax). Stirring Stick. Jar or Tin with lid. Directions: Melt the beeswax and mineral oil together in a double boiler. (Or use two saucepans instead,fill the large one with water, and place the beeswax and mineral oil in the other.)Heat until melted, mixing well, then pour into your desired jar or tin, wide mouth jars are easier for pouring. Scoop out the cutting board conditioner using a rag and rub into your cutting board wood, Let it soak in overnight, then buff off with a soft cloth. This can be used on any wooden spoons, honey dippers or wooden utensils.

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