• Kanuka honey has amazing healing properties for skin health, acne and rosacea. The new superhoney for your SKIN and FACE!
    To treat Rosacea, apply to face for 15 minutes twice daily, and wash off.
    In treating open wounds, honey is useful as it helps prevent scarring by keeping the skin moist, and it is a natural “humectant” as it attracts and retains moisture. Kanuka Honey contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide which kills micro-organisms.
    Cuts, abrasions and scalds can be covered in honey to prevent bacteria from entering the wound and promote healing
    pH of honey is commonly between 3.2 and 4.5 and this acidic pH level prevents the growth of many bacteria

Why Glass Packaging?

BPA is a chemical found in hard plastics and the coatings of food and drinks cans. It can behave in a similar way to estrogen and other hormones in the human body. BPA is an endocrine disruptor – a substance which interferes with the production, secretion, transport, action, function and elimination of natural hormones. BPA can imitate our body’s own hormones in a way that could be hazardous for health. Bee My Honey online shop supports glass packaging and is 100% BPA and chemical free.

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